Oregon Mobile Healthcare

Oregon Mobile Healthcare provides "Gap Care" to provide you and your loved one's with a better healthcare experience in the comfort of your own home.

What is Gap Care?

Gap Care is the service we provide to help our clients with chronic illnesses to maintain healthy lifestyles. Our highly trained paramedics assess, treat symptoms, and educate clients with the goal of filling the gap between visits with their doctors or post hospitalization follow ups.

Our paramedic Zack giving a flu shot.

What is the problem?

Generally a visit to the doctor's office results waiting in the waiting room, and only 15 minutes of one on one time with the doctor. During this time the doctor can only address one medical issue. Oregon Mobile Healthcare specializes in non-emergent care in your home. Our visits generally last an hour. During this time we are able to discuss at length ALL of your medical concerns. We then can take what we find and coordinate with your primary physician to treat the route cause of your medical issues.

In Klamath County upwards of 75% of ambulance calls are for non-emergent issues. Oregon Mobile Healthcare specializes in post hospital discharge follow ups. Most readmissions to the emergency within 30 days can be prevented with in home care. Our paramedics are prepared with many protocols that focuses on the most common reasons for readmissions to the emergency room.

3 hours later...

Collaboration is important.

Oregon Mobile Healthcare believes the route to healthy well being, is proper utilization of all medical resources. Our goal is to bridge the gap between you, your physician, and all other necessary services. Primary care physicians are the core of keeping people healthy, but they don't have the ability to assess the patient beyond what they can see in their offices. Oregon Mobile Healthcare visits you in your home, and can assess and evaluate your home for potential sources of problems and help you coordinate with your physician and create a care plan tailored to your needs.

Our partners, the Cascade Health Alliance

Why do we do what we do?

Oregon Mobile Healthcare's goal is to save you money by preventing unnecessary hospitalizations. A ride to the hospital in an ambulance costs roughly $1500. Admittance to the emergency room will cost $1500. A one night stay can cost $5000. If you are a member of the Cascade Health Alliance, one or more preventative visits from Oregon Mobile Healthcare will cost you $0.

It's all about saving money.

Oregon Mobile Healthcare currently partners with the Cascade Health Alliance to provide our service to their members at no additional cost to members. If you are already apart of the Cascade Health Alliance, we can provide our services for you. Call your CHA at 541.883.2947 for more information and to check eligibility.

If you or a loved one are interested in our service, check out our membership page for more information.